Support the Project

Sponsor an acre for this year's crop today through one of the options below:


Giving Options




Designate your gift or sponsorship as “Grow Hope Markdale”.

By Phone

Call the National Office for the Church of the Nazarene Canada at;

Tel: 905-602-8220

Toll Free: 1-888-808-7490


By Mail;

Send your donation payable to NCM Canada at the following address:


NCM Canada   

3657 Ponytrail Drive

Mississauga, ON

L4X 1W5

How it works

  1. An acre is sponsored for $400 (An acre is about the size of a soccer field)
  2. The Markdale Grow Hope farmer grows the crop 
  3. Proceeds from the crop ($500* per acre) are sent to NCM Canada & the Canadian Foodgrains Bank
  4. The funds are matched 4:1 by the Canadian government to become $2500
  5. One sponsored acre feeds about 50 families for one month!

*estimated value of crop – actual proceeds may vary according to weather, growing conditions, harvest conditions, yield, etc.

Grow Hope Markdale Financial Statement 2
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